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The map appearing in the home page of, which we have named animated rational mandala, is a mind stimulator everyone can use to train oneself to think free from the conditioning of the unconscious, thanks to an automatic, random external stimulation, antagonist of the internal one produced by the uncoscious itself, which is also automatic, but not casual.

The map may be used to (1) stimulate creativity and productive thinking; (2) facilitate reflection on philosophical and psychological issues; (3) facilitate mind integration and self-therapy.

The material represented in the map (words and images) should be properly collected by the user or by one's therapist in order to stimulate thoughts and emotions related to a range, as wide and complete as possible, of concepts and facts deeply significant for the user, identified during psychotherapy or self-therapy.

It does not matter whether the combinations and random sequences of words and images generated by the tool make sense from a logical point of view; it does matter, however, that the map's perception in its variations and animations stimulate and activate the highest number of "critical" sleeping or repressed mind agents, so that they simultaneously participate in the thinking process.

In this way a progressive liberation is obtained from the constraints of the unconscious which normally forces us to follow usual mental paths often unproductive or unfavorable, when not pathologic. Result of this liberation from the tiranny of the unconscious is an increased ability to think and feel in new ways, more creative and productive, where fantasy and chance pay an important role.

The animated rational mandala is still under development. Anyone whishing to participate in its experimentation as psychotherapist (for one's patients) or as a user, with the possibility to create customized mandalas, is invited to contact us by means of the contact page.